WoolSafe Certification by Rug Cleaning NJ

Rug Cleaning of NJ has been washing Karastan, Persian, Wool, Silk, Braided, Oriental, Tufted, Cotton and other types of natural and synthetic fibers for 25 years.

Rug Repair and Rug Cleaning Most rugs are made of wool, silk or a combination of natural or synthetic fibers. We clean Braided, Hand Knotted, Tufted, Hooked Machine, Flat Woven, Natural, Flokatis and Shag rugs.
Water Damage Restoration and CleaningHeavy Pet Contamination Restoration

When purchasing your rug, a lot of time and consideration was made to find the best style and fit for your home.  The rug was an investment you made within your home and in all likelihood you have decorated your entire room around this rug!

Therefore whether your rug is a family heirloom or with proper care will become a family heirloom, Rug Cleaning NJ have the certification & experience needed to clean your rugs.

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Rug Cleaning NJ washing and repairs rugs from all regions of the world.  Iran, Persia, Turkey, Afghanistan, China, Pakistani, Indian, Tibet, Nepal, and Morocco  are some of the regional rugs, Rug Cleaning NJ cleans daily in our rug cleaning plant in Jackson NJ.  Our careful process and environmentally safe green solutions allow us to take a hands on approach that is safe for Karastan, Persian, Wool, Silk, Braided, Oriental, Tufted, Cotton and other types of natural and synthetic fibers.  Whether your rug is machine or hand made,  we will provide the best possible cleaning of your rugs.

Our Cleaning Process for your Fine Rug

Nestor Quaasowner of Rug Cleaning of NJ has over 20 years experience and he holds certifications from WoolSafe and The Clean Trust Company (two leaders within the rug cleaning industry).  Nestor continues his education by attending webinars with the leaders in the rug washing industry.  We believe there are always techniques to learn and opportunity of improvement.  Our passion for Rug Cleaning is demonstrated everyday in the office and specialty shop.

Call our office today.  Let us put our love, expertise and care into the cleaning of your rug(s). After meeting with our rug cleaning specialist, you will receive a free rug inspection and the confidence that The Rug Cleaning NJ is The Right Company to perform cleaning of your rugs.

We pick up, clean, repair and return all size rugs for cleaning.